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Calor for Heating

As the Number One brand in cylinder heating gas, Calor represents a safe, reliable and hassle free heat source at an affordable price.

As the region's principal dealer, Dixons of Westerhope has been supplying the North East with Calor for over 38 years, servicing many businesses and rural households who have no access to mains gas.  We specialise in both portable heating sources and fixed installations.  Please call for a quotation 0191 271 4888 or select request a quotation. 

Home Heat

For customers who live outside of mains gas areas, Calor Gas Propane has long been the market leader as a clean, efficient and cost effective alternative. 
More information on Home Heat accounts.

Portable Heating

Portable heaters or 'cabinet heaters' have long been a staple heat source for homes and businesses across the UK.

These convenient heaters are perfect for heating a single room in your home or office - saving you from heating the entire home when not required. Portable Calor gas heaters are for use indoors and require a butane gas cylinder to operate.

We stock a wide range of portable gas heaters during the winter months, from budget heaters for instant heat to elegant stoves to provide your room with a focal point.

Space Heaters

In the commercial environment where there is a requirement to heat large well ventilated areas during the winter months, commercial Space Heaters have long been a flexible and economical and effective solution.  These heaters are designed to heat large areas quickly and are fueled by propane cylinders.

We supply a range of space heaters with heat outputs from 10kW to 70kW.

Struggling to select a gas? If in doubt, please call 0191 271 4888 for specialist advice!

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