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Calor for Businesses

Calor gas cylinders are used in many industries for a wide range of applications and as the regions premiere supplier, Dixons are well placed to meet your cost and service expectations.


Cylinders are often used to power heating appliance for site work, warehouses and workshops. Indeed many bottle gas appliances need no electricity supply making them extremely versatile - keeping staff warm and productive. For more infomation click here.


Propane is an extremely versatile fuel which can be used with many commercial kitchen appliances, such as; water boilers, countertop fryers, baking ovens and griddles. Having gas supplied in cylinders is the perfect solution for the mobile catering trade; it's fully controlable, cost-effective and reliable.

Fork Lift Gas

Not only has it been proven that propane is a cleaner source of fuel than diesel, it retains its advantages over electric forklifts due to the ability to operate 24 hours a day without losing power.

Propane cylinders for automotive use require a liquid offtake valve and as the market leader, Calor supplies univeral fit cylinders for all FLT models (identified by the cylinders black valve guard colour).  Click here for the FLT cylinder range.

Our convenient and reliable delivery service reduces the risk of your business having inactive forklifts, combine this with our competitive prices and professional service, it's easy to see why many industries turn to Dixons of Westerhope to fulfill their Calor Gas requirements.

Industrial Applications

In addditon to the above, due to its versatility propane has uses including but not limited to the following:

•   Road Marking
•   Roofing
•   Metal heating and cutting
•   Soldering and brazing
•   Paint ovens
•   Brick kilns
•   Glass making
•   Paint stripping 

Struggling to select a gas? If in doubt, please call 0191 271 4888 for specialist advice!

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