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Cellar Gas Range

Cellar Gas Range

There are 5 main drinks dispense gases used within the beverage industry;

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 70/30, 60/40, 50/50 and Nitrogen.

Each of these gases is selected for its particulare characteristics and effect on beverages - most breweries will recommend the correct gas mixture for dispensing their own ale, lager and stout products.


Pure Cellar Gases

Carbon Dioxide - Supplied in a black cylinder and is generally used for  highly carbonated lagers, ciders and post mix drinks

Nitrogen - Used in conjunction with CO2 on systems where a blending panel is available. The blending panel mixes CO2 and Nitrogen to create the mixed gas in the correct proportions

Mixed Cellar Gases

Mixed gases are a premixed blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As Nitrogen is not absorbed into the liquid, mixes which contain a higher percentage of Nitrogen offer smoother characteristics to stouts, bitters and ales. The mixed gas range consists of;

70/30 (the green cylinder) - a blend of 70% nitrogen and 30% CO2, used primarily for dispensing smooth/creamy stouts and ales.

50/50 (the purple cylinder) - an equal blend of both nitrogen and CO2, generally used for dispensing ales and lagers

60/40 (the white cylinder) - a blend of 60% CO2 and 40% nitrogen, used for dispensing the majority of lagers and ciders

Methods of Supply - Pub Gas

The various gas types detailed above can be delivered by two main methods of supply:    Cylinder Systems   |   Single Cylinders

Struggling to select a gas? If in doubt, please call 0191 271 4888 for specialist advice!

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