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Balloon Gas

Balloon Gas

We offer a range of helium cylinders in sizes to suit most needs, from the higher volume users such as a party planners, card and party stores, right down to smaller gas cylinders for a personal occassion.


Helium Size Guide

We offer helium in a variety of cylinder sizes, the guide below will give you an indication of which cylinder size you will require.

Balloon Size 10 Litre 20 Litre 50 Litre
9" Latex up to 200 balloons up to 400 balloons up to 1000 balloons
11" Latex up to 130 balloons up to 260 balloons up to 650 balloons
18" Foil up to 100 balloons up to 200 balloons up to 500 balloons

Party packs & low volume users

We can also offer smaller cylinders of helium supplied by Hobbyweld rent free gas. The Hobbyweld cylinders are designed for one-off events, perfect for weddings, birthdays, festive parties and more. You will be charged a one-off deposit on the gas cylinder which is refundable on it's return, we can also supply you with a balloon inflator/filling tool for the duration (terms and conditions apply). Visit their website for additional information on the Hobbyweld Helium Cylinder.

Struggling to select a gas? If in doubt, please call 0191 271 4888 for specialist advice!

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